The After Life

After I’m done with college my plans are to skillfully decide what I can do to make money that I don’t have to go to school for and study and then pursue a career that’ll still give me a considerable amount of money. I love making all kinds of art and I already started a small business on social media where I can make $10-$50 on each commission that I do. It can get a little stressful though because sometimes I get a lot of people making requests and sometimes I have to close commissions because I have too much on my hands.

When I get older I would like to be a plastic surgeon because even though they don’t save lives and all, they make people feel better about their bodies, and that can really go a long way. Some people are bullied into getting surgeries that end up botched and destroy their self esteem; plastic surgery can fix that and restore their faith in themselves, and I feel like that’s one of the biggest things you can do for a stranger. I watch a lot of Botched and Atlanta Plastic, which prepares me for all the stuff I’m going to have to look at when I’m operating and I can easily say that I don’t get grossed out. Over the summer I’m going to UB medical summer camp where I can learn more and watch operations happen and maybe even operate on corpses.

Although of course there are certain people who get plastic surgery simply because they have the money. This is kind of shallow/materialistic, but I really do care about the money, just as much as I care about actually enjoying my career. With plastic surgery I can just have consultations, schedule surgery appointments and go home and make art or chill, I don’t have to be at my office 24/7 and tire myself out. And when I’m on break or have money to spare, I can treat myself and my parents to pay them back for all they’ve done. They want to live in NYC when my brothers and I are all off to college and I could help them with that.

My art doesn’t take that long, it could be 2 hours or 2 days but I’ve already noticed that right now the more art I do, the more detailed and complex it gets, so I feel like I could charge more as I get more experience and it’s a great way to make some extra bucks doing something else I love. I’ll retire satisfied and if I decide to stop being a doctor I still have art to provide me with income while I find another job. I plan on going to Princeton for college and having that on my resume would definitely improve my chances of finding a good job.

That’s my future plan after I’m done with college and I’ve had that in my head for about a year now. Hopefully I’ll actually be able to do that when I get older. I just have to make sure that I do well in school and get good grades as cliche as that is, but hey, money motivates people so we’ll see where I end up 10 years from now!

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