The After Life

After I’m done with college my plans are to skillfully decide what I can do to make money that I don’t have to go to school for and study and then pursue a career that’ll still give me a considerable amount of money. I love making all kinds of art and I already started a small business on social media where I can make $10-$50 on each commission that I do. It can get a little stressful though because sometimes I get a lot of people making requests and sometimes I have to close commissions because I have too much on my hands.

When I get older I would like to be a plastic surgeon because even though they don’t save lives and all, they make people feel better about their bodies, and that can really go a long way. Some people are bullied into getting surgeries that end up botched and destroy their self esteem; plastic surgery can fix that and restore their faith in themselves, and I feel like that’s one of the biggest things you can do for a stranger. I watch a lot of Botched and Atlanta Plastic, which prepares me for all the stuff I’m going to have to look at when I’m operating and I can easily say that I don’t get grossed out. Over the summer I’m going to UB medical summer camp where I can learn more and watch operations happen and maybe even operate on corpses.

Although of course there are certain people who get plastic surgery simply because they have the money. This is kind of shallow/materialistic, but I really do care about the money, just as much as I care about actually enjoying my career. With plastic surgery I can just have consultations, schedule surgery appointments and go home and make art or chill, I don’t have to be at my office 24/7 and tire myself out. And when I’m on break or have money to spare, I can treat myself and my parents to pay them back for all they’ve done. They want to live in NYC when my brothers and I are all off to college and I could help them with that.

My art doesn’t take that long, it could be 2 hours or 2 days but I’ve already noticed that right now the more art I do, the more detailed and complex it gets, so I feel like I could charge more as I get more experience and it’s a great way to make some extra bucks doing something else I love. I’ll retire satisfied and if I decide to stop being a doctor I still have art to provide me with income while I find another job. I plan on going to Princeton for college and having that on my resume would definitely improve my chances of finding a good job.

That’s my future plan after I’m done with college and I’ve had that in my head for about a year now. Hopefully I’ll actually be able to do that when I get older. I just have to make sure that I do well in school and get good grades as cliche as that is, but hey, money motivates people so we’ll see where I end up 10 years from now!

Genius Hour Project #2 Reflection

For my Genius Hour project, being an art enthusiast I decided to do it on surrealism. Surrealism by definition is a “20th-century avant-garde movement in art and literature which sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind, for example by the irrational juxtaposition of images” (Google). So it’s pure creativity that has been dug up from the depths of the artist’s psyche. The reason why I love and chose surrealism specifically over other art types is because I myself am a surrealist and I feel like it’s more interesting seeing what artists can come up with than them portraying something that already exists.

The artists I chose to research and put in my presentation were Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali, Rob Gonsalves, and my own work. Through my research I learned a lot, from the different methods and inspirations surrealists use for their art to their personal lives and how that influenced their work. Some surrealists take drugs while they do their art as it loosens their minds even more and allows them to get deeper into their subconscious and imaginative side of their brains. Others base their art on certain dreams they’ve had, like Salvador Dali. Dali being in love with nature also got his inspiration from going out to islands and other natural views. If he thought something looked like something else, he’d morph it into that something else when he put it on canvas, creating optical illusions. Rene Magritte used literal art to symbolize notions, which is a paradox, which is also what most his paintings were based off of. He has a painting of a pipe with the words “ceci n’est pas un pipe” which translates to “this is not a pipe”. While others might not get it at first and argue that it looks like a pipe therefore it must be one, Magritte said that it is a painting of a pipe. Magritte loved painting paintings within paintings. “The Human Condition” shows an easel placed inside a room and in front of a window. The easel holds an unframed painting of a landscape that seems in every detail contiguous with the landscape seen outside the window. At first, you’d assume that the painting on the easel depicts the portion of the landscape outside the window that it hides from view. After thinking though, you realize that this assumption is based upon a false premise: that is, that the imagery of Magritte’s painting is real, while the painting on the easel is a representation of that reality. In fact, there is no difference between them. Both are part of the same painting, the same artistic fabrication. It’s probably to this repeating cycle, in which the viewer, even against their will, sees the one as real and the other as representation, that Magritte’s title makes reference. Rob Gonsalves is all about optical illusions and merging two different paintings. For example “Tree House In Autumn” (Rob Gonsalves. Tree House In Autumn. February 2013. Giclée on Canvas). There’s a house that morphs into a treehouse and the tree in back of it becomes the tree that the house in built on and the ladder goes down to the path where someone stands with a plank, messing with spatial relativity. Doing this project helped me as a person because it made me realize how much more I love surrealism because doing the research I got to see more surrealist art and it’s what inspired me to even create an Instagram account dedicated to my art which has 1,198 followers since I started it last month. Though my project doesn’t really help anyone, I’m hoping it at least sparked some creativity is someone’s mind as it did mine. My next Genius Hour Project however, I’m going to be doing research on the Animal Rescue League, helping out there, and doing a bakesale fundraiser so that and the money we raise will definitely help the ARL, Senegal’s strays, and the rest of Dakar’s petowners because the ARL will have more money to buy medicine and treatments and keep their business running and the fundraiser will also help raise awareness to the conditions of strays in Senegal. It will also be beneficial to me because I can get community service hours from helping out. Here is a piece of my own art that was included in my presentation.

Twitter Expert Connect

My Genius Hour project is on how certain artists like Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Basquiat, and Vincent Van Gogh’s lives effected their art. Though they all have completely different art styles, they all went through many damaging experiences in their lives and I thought it would be cool and interesting to look into how different struggles affect artists differently. It mixes my love for psychology and art and I can relate to some of the artists struggles. Art is a tool for escapism……

For my twitter list, I have added a compilation of 18 professional artists, hobby artists, art professors, art historians, illustrators, and art collectors. I was originally supposed to have 10 people on my list but I progressively had to add more because the people on my list would only post about politics which was irrelevant for my project, so I had to broaden my selection of people, though 8 more people didn’t even make that much a difference.

These people are related to my Genius Hour project because they either studied art, teach art, have been creating art for a long time, or have it as a profession. Even if some of the people on my list didn’t study art, they can tell me about how their lives affected their art. For example, I have an ex-marine corps vet who loves flowers, color, and beauty and said, “After so many years of destruction I feel it’s now my duty to create”. He especially would be interesting to get information from because his art style could have changed between the time that he was a vet and now. And of course art historians know about old art, like Van Gogh and art professors would be able to tell me more about my chosen artists’ art style.

I asked my list members about the relationship between their art and their lives. I couldn’t privately message anyone on my list because they didn’t follow me back but I @ tweeted some people or commented under their art. I have gotten zero responses from the people on my list, the only interaction I’ve ever had with any of them is one person messaging me saying, “Yay! I’m so glad you’re in my world now” but I guess I got too excited and ended up losing hope again because when I tried to start a conversation to talk about my Genius Hour project, but she never replied. In the long run, I didn’t get any information but if I did then I could have used some of what they gave me throughout my slide to show the audience how life affects artist’s lives who are still currently alive.

Nobody responded to my questions, though a few of them liked them, which only proved that they saw my tweet and still decided not to respond. Nobody on my list followed me back either. Because of my lack is responses, nobody could also offer any more assistance and it was physically impossible to continue a conversation that never existed. I have no results but a loss of hope and a note in my head that maybe Twitter Expert Connect just doesn’t work for everyone. I don’t think I’ll be using this process again, at least anytime soon. Overall, I’d give this experience a 2/10. It was nice exploring art pages but I got zero help or information that furthered my research for my Genius Hour Project.

Genuis Hour Project

For my Genius Hour project I chose to teach the class about Nikola Tesla and tell them a little bit about Tesla coils top because I have made one in the past and I thought that it would be cool to do something no one else was doing. My original project was to make an actual Tesla coil and my presentation was just going to be about that, instead of Nikola Tesla, but I couldn’t find the right transformer and other materials, seeing as Tesla coils require about 50+. I didn’t learn much seeing as this was a topic that I already knew about but I did come across some interesting facts and stories about Nikola Tesla that I had not known in the past. It did not help me grow as a person because it has no affect on my life and it was a topic that I already knew about. This doesn’t help the community either because it’s not something that’s relevant to them. This project has nothing to do with anything and it was more or less just a cool person that I thought people should know about. My next Genius Hour Project is not going to help the community but it will teach them about 5 different types of art and some of my favorite artists and it will be a way for me to really indulge in my passion for art. I already have 5 different artists with completely different art styles. My class will learn how these artists made a difference in the world and why I love them so much.

About Me

Hi, I’m Marieme and I guess you could say that I’m an art fiend and avid meme collector, which is the reason I get the “low storage, please delete some files” message quite often, though I refuse to delete my memes. I can delete contacts, selfies, videos, and my soul but memes are a part of me and even if they’re outdated and don’t make me laugh tears until my stomach threatens to kill me, I’d feel empty if I lost one of my 7,349 memes. My love for art never ceases and I like all forms, from tattoos, really good makeup, digital art, traditional art, graffiti, and nail art. My passion is especially strong when it comes to surrealistic art, because it really shows off the artist’s creativity but literal-ness. I have two cats, one of whom I would like to let me love but insists on playing the don’t-touch-me game every time I try to pet her and the other one who is my other half. We nap together, cuddle, watch movies, and sometimes she grabs my face and nuzzles my cheeks or nose. I feel like we deeply connect and are twins because we both act the same way. Aside for my love of movies, tv shows, and of course music, which I love just as much as art and I listen to all kinds, that’s pretty much it about me.

What’s Good, Technology?

     Technology,the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts,engineering, applied science, and pure science, is one of the most useful and innovative invention created by mankind. It allows us to communicate with people internationally, share/trade/get ideas, learn about almost everything in the world, and stalk people. But, with great power comes great responsibility and many people choose to misuse it in ways to degrade people they aren't face-to-face with at the moment, along with spying, and illegal marketing (dark web).
     One example of a way that people abuse their technology privileges is by cyber bullying. Digital Citizenship is very important because nowadays kids are being exposed to technology at earlier ages without the proper knowledge on the consequences of some of their actions that take place on the internet. Cyberbullying is online harassment, bullying, threats, stalking, and anything that can hurt someone's feelings, which can lead to depression, suicide, paranoia, and antisocial behavior to the victim. The person doing the cyber bullying often feels safe and more confident because they either don't know that person and/or they're not face-to-face, so they can't interpret the victim's actual feelings. Cyberbullying is punishable by law and everyone can see what they post online too, and once something's on the internet, there's no going back, so they can have whatever they posted used against them. The lesson here is always stay safe because what goes around, comes back around, especially if someone finds out that you're responsible for someone's suicide or if you want to get a good job or apply to a school. For instance, during class we had to know and be able to identify what was and what wasn't considered cyberbullying and what to avoid doing. 
     Technology is so amazing because you can always build off of someone else's ideas to make something even better. Video mashups and editing is a great way to do that. Back to digital citizenship though, if you don't conform to the fair use rules then you could be fined. Video mashups are compilations or samples of pieces of media like movies, tv shows, or music videos that can be edited to make something original-ish. Fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner. In other words, fair use is a defense against a claim of copyright infringement. If your use qualifies as a fair use, then it would not be considered an illegal infringement and you go to jail :) A while ago, we had to create a video mashup using music and a compilation of YouTube videos, which we had to apply fair use to so that we wouldn't get in trouble for sampling other people's videos.
    While technology enables us to have fun and explore, we still need to remember to pertain to digital citizenship and make sure we're not abusing our technology privileges.

I’m like heywassuphello


Since I am a very interesting person 😁, which you’ve probably assumed by now since you can’t stop reading what I’m writing and you can’t seem to stop so:



Anyways I’m also known as MemeLord 👸, I have two kitties and two brothers which I have now disowned…for sensible purposes of course. I’m also a feminist, so I speak out on things that need to change like sexism, rape culture, police brutality, male double standards (like “you look like a girl” thus femininity is a terrible thing according to society) and maaannnyy other things. I also just like to blab about things that have NO affect on ya life whatsoever.



One thing that I think is important in life is how to react to shade being thrown like dodgeballs. Very important indeed. 😔 There are two types of people in this situation: one who throws it baack smack dab in their faces yaaas, or ones who throw it back and the shade (or ball in this case) goes in the opposite direction, and if you’re already this type of person you’ve probably been curved many times so you have the skill to make the ball bounce bounce off something…and hit you bad. What goes around, comes back around. Maybe you’ll look as #goals as this guy↙

Or ya know, maybe not. And there’s that ninja of course that just goes all matrix on everybody’s shade parade and ends his whole badash performance with a dab.

Anyways, my blog will mostly consist of Real Housewives of Atlanta memes/gifs after I say something really funny, like so funny that you don’t even like laugh…or other memes…

Each post will have a different main theme, like social issues, latest trends, my really interesting life happenings, anything really, or just me blabbing for the heck of it.